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Our Swarovski crystal library contains basic information about hundreds of Swarovski silver crystal items. You can view the name and part number of the Retired Swarovski crystal figurine to locate the item or simply get additional information about it.

Click on a letter below to see an alphabetical list of items whose names begin with that letter. Swarovski Club crystal figurines are also included in the alphabetical list.

Swarovski A, Swarovski B, Swarovski C, Swarovski D,
Swarovski E, Swarovski F, Swarovski G, Swarovski H,
Swarovski I, Swarovski J, Swarovski K, Swarovski L,
Swarovski M, Swarovski N, Swarovski O, Swarovski P,
Swarovski R, Swarovski S, Swarovski T, Swarovski U,
Swarovski V, Swarovski W, Swarovski Y, Swarovski Z

The library listings are a Swarovski Silver Crystal figurines that are included in Warner's Blue Ribbon Books . Other Swarovski product lines, like Crystal Moments, Home Accessories, Paradise, Chinese Zodiacs, Lovlots, Zodiacs, Disney Collection, and Soulmates, are not in the library, but can still be accessed from the menu on the left by clicking on the appropriate product line link.

If you click on any of the Swarovski Crystal Product Names in our library listings, a new window will open revealing the search results from Crystal Exchange America store. This will provide you with information on the availability and prices of Swarovski crystal figurines they have for sale.

If you click on any of the Swarovski Part Numbers / System Numbers in our library listings, a new window will open revealing the search results from Warner's Blue Ribbon Book Online Swarovski database subscription service. This will provide you with additional information including designer and theme group. By purchasing a subscription, even more information and pictures display!

Our Swarovski crystal library is updated as Swarovski retirements are updated by the manufacturer, so we do our best to keep the information current.