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When a crystal collector thinks of high quality crystal figurines, the Swarovski brand must be the first thing to come to mind. With over 2000 Swarovski figurine creations produced since 1975, collectors know that Swarovski crystal is highly regarded and highly collected. Serious collectors take great pride in their Swarovski collections, and the more information they have at hand about Swarovski crystal, the better the choices a collector can make about expanding and maintaining their crystal collection.




Product Lines within the Swarovski Crystal Brand

The crystal giant, Swarovski, produces crystal figurines under a variety of product lines. Here's a brief overview of the various lines of Swarovski Crystal:

  • Swarovski Silver Crystal - dating back to 1976 and still popular in 2011. The Silver Crystal product line mainly features clear crystal figurines.
  • Swarovski Crystal Moments - this product line launched near 1993 under the name Crystal Memories. In 2001, the name changed to Crystal Moments. While it was initially smaller, lower-priced figurines, that concept has changed and the Swarovski crystal line cannot be defined by size, price, or common characteristics.
  • Swarovski CrystalograMs - a mini series of large abstract pictures, decorated with Swarovski stones. The CrystalograMs were limited edition artwork.
  • Swarovski Chinese Zodiacs - a Swarovski crystal product line dedicated to Chinese Zodiac astrology.
  • Swarovski Crystal Myriad - small product line of less than 10 exclusive Swarovski sculptures, ranging in price from $8000 - $16000.
  • Swarovski Disney Collection - a collaboration with Disney and Swarovski that began in 2005.
  • Swarovski Home Accessories - an upscale product line generally including functional crystal products. This product line was also known as 'Selection', ' Crystal Décor', 'Home and Interior', and 'Crystal Home Accessories'.
  • Swarovski Lovlots - a whimsical, fun product line of multicolored playful figurines that initially launched in 2006.
  • Swarovski Paradise - a very colorful Swarovski crystal product line that launched in 2000.
  • Swarovski Soulmates - launched in 2007 and features larger-sized statue-type crystal figurines.
  • Swarovski Trimlite - an older product line, that had a life span in the 1980's. The Swarovski crystal Trimlite figurines were typically clear crystal with significant gold accents.

Discovering Resources for Swarovski Crystal Information

Staying informed about the Swarovski Value trends, Swarovski Retirements, and Swarovski News are all ways that Swarovski crystal fanatics and casual collectors remain knowledgeable about their Swarovski crystal collections.