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Swarovski Crystal Fanatics

Fanatic definition - a person devoted to a particular hobby or pastime.

Swarovski Crystal Fanatics description - serious Swarovski crystal collectors enthusiastic about their Swarovski collection. The Swarovski collecting passion may appear excessive (by a non-crystal collector). Swarovski crystal fanatics are on top of their game... seeking leading-edge Swarovski news about upcoming crystal releases and impending Swarovski retirements. Swarovski crystal fanatics might be traders, actively involved in buying and selling in online auctions. Swarovski crystal fanatics are likely stimulated by the hunt for that ultimate find in rare and unusual Swarovski crystal figurine. Once obtained, the Swarovski crystal fanatic may focus a new search for another hard to find, extra-ordinary Swarovski collectible.


Swarovski Crystal Fanatics find Swarovski News and other Valuable Information here! offers:

  • most up-to-date Swarovski retirement information.
  • FREE fact sheets, organized by year, of Swarovski retirements.
  • comprehensive list of Swarovski Crystal from the Silver Crystal product line in the library.
  • reputable business links to safely buy and sell retired Swarovski Crystal.
  • interesting, "must have" Swarovski Books on Swarovski Crystal, with facts about and images of current and retired items in ALL product lines, including Silver Crystal, Crystal Moments, Home & Interior, Paradise, Trimlite, Lovlots, Zodiacs, Disney Collection, paperweights and other items made using Swarovski components.
  • trustworthy recommendations for Restoration of Swarovski.


Take the Quiz to see if you may among the many Swarovski Crystal Fanatics!

  • Does your collection contain more than 100 Swarovski figurines? You may be a Swarovski crystal fanatic!
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  • Do you get a thrill searching for and securing that rare, hard to find Swarovski figurine? You may be a Swarovski crystal fanatic!
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  • Do you search on the internet for interesting Swarovski News? You may be a Swarovski crystal fanatic!

There are LOTS of Swarovski collectors around the world who are passionate about their crystal collections and are self-proclaimed Swarovski crystal fanatics. Being a Swarovski crystal fanatic is exciting! Keep on collecting Swarovski Crystal Club figurines and Swarovski crystal collectibles all you Swarovski crystal fanatics!

There is no affiliation with any Swarovski club or independent collecting club, nor implied endorsement of any Swarovski crystal club or independent collecting club.
Swarovski crystal fanatics is a term used to describe avid Swarovski collectors.