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Swarovski Crystal Home Accessories Retirements for 2004

Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystal Home Accessories pieces in the list below are Swarovski Retirements for 2004. These are US retirements and may vary regionally. Some of the Swarovski Home and Interior items that retired in 2004 includes Swarovski Solaris Bell, Swarovski Topaz Bottle Stopper, Swarovski Siam Bottle Stopper, Swarovski Apollo Bowl, Swarovski Colorado Bowl, Swarovski Out of Africa Bowl, Swarovski White Op Art Box, Swarovski Blue Op Art Box, Swarovski Green Op Art Box, Swarovski Black Op Art Box, Swarovski Love Jewel Box, Swarovski Magic Box, Swarovski Mystery Box, Swarovski Stalactitie Candle Holder, Swarovski Yin Yang Candle Holder, Swarovski Trio Candle Holder, Swarovski Aladdin Candleholder, Swarovski Dressed Up Candleholder, Swarovski Dressed Up Wall Vase, Swarovski Comet Candleholder, Swarovski Colonna Candleholder, Swarovski Star Candleholder, Swarovski Flower Birthday Candleholder, Swarovski Card Holder Data Bug, Swarovski Chaton Paperweight, Swarovski Giant Chaton Paperweight, Swarovski Dressed Up Chop Sticks Holder, Swarovski Helios Table Clock, Swarovski Allegra Clock, Swarovski Op Art Table Clock, Swarovski Paper Clip / Clothes Pin, Swarovski Dressed Up Coaster, Swarovski Op Art Compass, Swarovski Dew Drop Paperweight, Swarovski Dolphin Flacon, Swarovski Napoleon Flacon, Swarovski Flower Noteholder, Swarovski Bunch of Grapes, Swarovski Dressed Up Napkin Rings, Swarovski Dressed Up Plate, Swarovski Napkin Ring Set, Swarovski Arcadia Picture Frame, Swarovski Poetry Picture Frame, Swarovski Zephyr Picture Frame, Swarovski Small Pineapple, Swarovski Cross of Light, Swarovski Dualita Vase, Swarovski Medea Vase, Swarovski The Buffalo, Swarovski The Cat, Swarovski The Dog, Swarovski Maxi Dolphin, Swarovski The Eagle, Swarovski Giant Mallard Duck, Swarovski Mother Penguin with Baby, Swarovski Father Penguin, Swarovski Giant Turtle, Swarovski Out of Africa Tree, and possibly others. Home Accessories retirements may vary regionally.

Swarovski Home Accessories was formerly knows as Swarovski Home & Interior. This change is reflected beginning in the Swarovski 2011 product literature.


Swarovski 2004 Home Accessories Retirements




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